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"Thanks to United Therapy Associates, I can move again. On my first visit, I could not stand or walk; but now I'm back to my regular, active self! Life is Good.”

– Stephen G.

"Running had always been my passion, so when an injury required me to have arthroscopic knee surgery I choose UPT for my therapy afterward and now I am back to running and even training for another marathon.”

– Ellie A.

"After I broke my leg, I was told I would never walk the same again. Dr. Saez and his staff were great at helping me understand what my issue was and how they could help. I have progressed from crutches, a limp and pain to walking 3 miles a day for exercise. Oh, and I learned how to stretch! I never knew how good stretching could feel. Thanks Dr. Saez for getting me back on my feet and into the best shape of my life!”

– Michael B.

"I have had hip pain for the past 5 years and could not even bend over to put on my shoes, but after having a total hip replacement and therapy, I can put on my own socks and shoes again!"

– Joan T.

"I have been cheering for 6 years when someone fell on me injuring my neck and shoulder. I didn’t want to have surgery but was told that was the only way I would be able to get rid of all my pain. A Cheer friend sees Dr. Saez and demanded that I see him as well. I was afraid of getting adjusted, but learned that Dr. Saez also treats with Physical Therapy !!! It has been a difficult road, but I am back to cheering, no more neck and shoulder pain and I am still getting stronger. I like how everything is explained so I can understand it. Now I definitely know I want to be a chiropractor when I grow up!"

– Jen W.

"Our mother has had several falls over the past few months and our family was very concerned for her safety. Her doctor recommended I see Suzanne Taylor at United Physical Therapy and since then her balance has improved so much that we are no longer worried about her living alone."

– Mary and Bob O.

"After a fall a few years ago, I have been getting adjusted on a regular basis to make sure everything works the way it should. Its quick, easy, and Dr. S actually makes it fun to come to the office. Thanks Doc!"

– Gavin S.

"A work injury to my back kept me out of work for several months, but after receiving Physical Therapy with Michelle and Suzanne, I am now able to return to work and play with my kid's without back pain."

– Tony A.

"I had been to other chiropractors in the past, some good, some not so good. I enjoy Dr. Saez’s office and staff so much; they’re half the fun of getting treated there. They remember me when I walk in, the office always smells nice and I so clean compared to other offices and waiting is never longer than a couple of minutes. And they work with my ever-changing work schedule. And then there's the good Dr. His treatments are gentle, he’s funny and always lets me know what I can be doing to help myself at home. I wont go anywhere else for my chiropractic or PT needs."

– Christine Z.

"I have had several bouts of PT in the past for shoulder pain and hadn't had much success, so when my Orthopedic surgeon did a rotator cuff repair I was hesitant to go to therapy afterward. But after being treated by the therapist's at UPT I new I had made the right decision!"

– Tracey E.

"My daughter injured her ankle playing soccer and was worried she would have to miss the entire season. With the help of the Therapists at United Physical therapy she is competing and playing again without missing a beat!"

– Mary H.

"After suffering from headaches for way too long (more than 20 years), I decided to try chiropractic. I was getting tired of the medications every day, the dark rooms and could not afford to miss any more time from work. Dr Saez took a lot of time and explained what my condition was and where my headaches were from. And even though he said he could not promise a miracle cure or perfect results, he did just that. My headaches lessened almost immediately and I haven’t missed another day from work. Its been almost 3 weeks, I still have some headaches, but I don’t need medicine for them and they are far more manageable. I feel alive, more energy and actually want to get out and do things!"

– Linda C.

"After my total knee replacement, I didn't think I was going to able to walk without a cane, but thanks to the staff at United Physical Therapy I am now shopping and even riding a bike again!"

– Casey M.

"Thanks Doctor Saez and all the staff at United Therapy Associates. I thought my pains following my car accident would just go away on their own; but after a few weeks of worsening pain, no sleep and not able to do anything, I followed my family doctor’s advice when she gave me no choice but to see Doctor Saez. She was right!! She told me that this office was different than any other she knew; able to offer Chiropractic and Physical therapy and that she has been referring to Doctor Saez for years with nothing but great results."

– Jodi L.

"I have suffered from chronic neck pain ever since I had a bad car accident several years ago. Recently a friend suggested I try Physical Therapy at UPT and I am so glad I did. I no longer suffer from neck pain or the chronic headaches....thank you for giving me my life back!"

– Phil T.

"I was born with scoliosis that gave me really bad back pain all the time. I had tried Physical Therapy, injections and surgery, but my pains still bothered me every day. As a last resort, I waked in to United Therapy Associates. Everyone was really nice. I made an appointment for the next day. Dr. Saez explained things and started treatments. I was so scared, but he said treatments would start slow, only as I could handle them. I felt so good after I was finally not too scared to get adjusted. He even lets me say I got cracked. Slowly my pain got better. I had to do some exercises at home too. My pain has never been this low. I am so happy I walked in to their office. And Rachel and Trish are the best. They always help me if I have to move my appointments. Thanks guys!"

– Lindsay H.

"I met Doctor Saez at the gym. One of my friends said what a great guy he was so I asked him if he thought he could help me. I told him how I fell off a ladder at work and cracked my tailbone. I also herniated a disc in my lumbar spine. I had pains and tingling down my legs all the time. I scheduled a time to see him at his office right there! He took his time and was very thorough to make sure he knew exactly what was causing my pain. He also explained everything so I could understand it. He showed me my x-rays and MRI and explained them also. Not like my other doctors who it seemed like they used big words just to impress me. He recommended using his Decompression Traction table. I love that table! Between getting treated, stretched and using that traction table my back is feeling better and better. I am back to work and training full out again. Thanks Doc, you da man!"

– Brian W.

"Dear Dr. Saez, Thank you for being my Chiropractor. I remember when I first came to your office for maintenance care, you gave the best adjustment! Then when I sprained my ankle you worked your magic with Physical Therapy. I’m embarrassed about falling and breaking my arm, but you were there when I needed rehab. Don’t know what I would do without you."

– Jane D.

"When I first came to see Dr. Saez, I was 370 pounds. Not only was that killing my back and legs, but I couldn’t breathe, barely work and needed a CPAP to sleep. Dr. Saez started me on a diet with exercises I could handle and slowly things started to change. First I started to breathe and sleep better. Then work became easier and my legs stopped hurting. I got down to 220 pounds ! No more lower back pain. I am able to exercise regularly and Dr. Saez taught me how to stretch. And now I'm going to be a dad! Just in time. Thanks Doc!"

– Steve H.

"I remember when I fell down my stairs how bad my shoulder pain was. Dr. Saez sent me to an orthopedist and got me an MRI immediately. Then we started PT on it. It slowly got better; it was a bad injury. I have been back to playing tennis for months now and can once again sleep on my favorite left side. Yay!!"

– Heidi C.

"I first met Dr. Saez way back when, and have been helped for neck, shoulder, foot, ankle and back injuries. Most recently I injured my knee when it twisted while walking on ice. I heard and felt this incredible POP! Of course I called Untied Therapy. Dr. Saez evaluated, sent me for MRI and we went to work. In no time I was walking, climbing stairs and jogging. So add my knee to the growing list of areas that Dr. Saez has helped me with. Thanks to all."

– Suzy J.

"I begged my wife to come see you Doc, thanks for making me look good. When Lisa got pregnant with our second child she got really bad back pains that shot to her thighs. Her OB said there was nothing she could do, but I finally got her to call you. And Poof! She was feeling better in no time. Thank you for saving her (and me) from nine months of agony. I owe you big time, lol."

– Brett

"Dr Saez and his staff are fantastic. Their attention to detail and fantastic "bedside" manner make recovering from an injury just a little more tolerable. Their facility is very modern and they know how to use the tools they have. You will find nobody more sincere and genuinely concerned about your recovery than Dr Saez!”

– Brian C.

"They are the best. I would never go anywhere else.”

– Elmer H.

"Thank you for always taking the best care of me!”

– Karen C.